Jack & Betty & Henry

The Jack, Betty and Henry letters are the first "love triangle" to be encountered.


First, five out of the nearly fifty of these letters were purchased. It was very quickly established these letters would bring about great change in the narrative style of Flea Market Love Letters, however, it was with great responsibility that the entire collection was kept together and recaptured here.


While difficult to read at times, at others the purity and authenticity of the human connection these three persons shared now lives on in the tasteful retelling of their love story(s). 

November 21 1939
December 27 1939
April 3 1940
January 16 1942
January 17 1942
January 26 1942
January 29 1942
February 2 1942
February 5 1942
February 5 1942
February 8 1942
February 8 1942
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