The "Florence" letters fall into both the beloved and familial category of letter; the majority of the letters written to his cousin Florence are from a man named Leonard.


In his letters, the repetitive nature betrays the horrors of World War II and the lack of substantive news able to be shared past censors. However, when Florence's husband Eddie writes with a tenderness you can certainly tell the difference in voice if not relationship entirely.

February 14 1943
"You know there isn’t very much I can write about now You know we are only allowed to write certain things. I really don’t know what else to write about from my side over here."

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May 21 1943
"Did you hear about my wife being in the Wave’s. She been in them for about a month now. She likes it very much. I am very proud of her for trying to get this war over. I will always love her for joining the Wave’s."

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June 24 1943
"I know if I was in his place I would stay in the Navy after the war. Because it is good to be in the Navy – you take many different countrys, you see quite a lot of the world."

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July 23 1943
"I am sorry for not writing to you sooner. Boy how do I wish this war was all over already. I am waiting to get back home to my wife and everybody else."

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October 11 1943
"I received both cards and candy on the day before my birthday. I thought may be every one would forget my birthday this year seeing where I am so you can see how slapsided + glad I was to receive them."

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September 22 1944
"I am getting along just fine, everything is about the same everywhere I go. So there isn’t much news I could tell you."

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September 28 1944
"Glad to hear that your delayed raise may finally come through. So really came in handy with the coming winter and holidays. So Janet finally quit her job at the Darnleys. They all were a lot of free this but its not for me once i get back."

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October 17 1944
" Received a little mail yesterday my first in a little while. One of them was very welcomed cause it contained a picture that I’ve been waiting for quite awhile now. Pretty nice so now I can sit back and day dream. I do a lot of that and that isn’t kidding. "

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October 24 1944
"Because I received bad news from home yesterday. My father is very sick + they don’t expect him to live very long."

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January 11 1945
"I received your beautiful card + was very glad to receive one from you, but I am sorry I couldn’t send you one, they were very hard to get at the time."

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January 23 1945
"Thanks a lot for the package, the cookies were good, they really hit the spot We were about on ration at the time + when your cookies came, they really help a lot."

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February 19 1945
"I am very sorry for not writing to you any sooner but we are pretty busy and I couldn’t find much time to write everybody, I got around to you letter and it just came to my mind that I haven’t answered your letter. I hope you will forgive me when you don’t receive a letter for a long time from me I am very glad to hear that everybody is feeling fine at home, because it finds me about me the same."

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