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February 20, 1942.

Dear sweet,

I’m so tired tonight honey that I’m telling you the truth when I say it is impossible to have this be a long letter.

What happened the other night? I didn’t get a letter today. Now don’t start skipping. Sorry, Eleanor, Mother and my aunt wrote letters but they don’t interest me like the ones I look forward to from you dear. Larry and Eleanor write a joint letter.

I keep waiting and waiting while in the mail circle and reach out for my letters but when I leave the group and there isn’t one from you, gee, I feel just plain “bum”.

From Larry’s letter he didn’t pass. He says it was his blood pressure isn’t that a life of laughs.

Do you see them at all. I keep hoping that you all keep in contact with each other.

Well sweet the rifle range is taking its toll in injuries. Black eyes, skinned noses, broken teeth, and jaws. You see when firing the 30/30 if you don’t have your sling real tight around your arm the recoil it sends the cocking piece back into your face with plenty of force. Its the fellow own fault if they get hurt. We fire from 200 yds, 300 yds, and 500 yds at a 10 inch bulls eye and thats a small dot at 500 yds. So far in all my shooting out of each set I’ve hit the bulls eye 9 out of 10 times the other ones in the next ring next to the bulls eye.

My “buddy” Shea came too close to losing his life today. We were firing at 500 yds lying prone. He was lying right next to me on target number 38. He had completed 2 shots when all of a sudden the floor plate under the chamber of his rifle blew out causing his gun to blow up in his face. All the parts flew past my heading including 3 shells unused. His was cut and bruised and he looked as white as a sheet. The coach standing behind said he thought Shea was a “gunner”. He said that Shea was lucky because generally the bullet back fires into the shooters face. Boy Shea quieted done from then on. The fellow I mentioned from Chester had a large hunk of skin ripped off his nose for not holding on tight. Its really a trick to shoot right rying to hold on tight, don’t breath, line your sight for wind and elevation, and not to jick the trigger just squeeze them off.

It was cold all day. We were dressed in our tans and we shivered all day.

Hey goodlooking! Don’t think this is a short letter because its twice the size of yours. Look at the size of the paper. So just don’t get mad.

I love you, I love you, I love you. Will write again tomorrow evening when I feel a little better my body aches all over from a miserable cold I can’t seem to  shake. O.K. otherwise thogh.

Keep well and happy for me darling, a tough [unreadable] but a “softie” when it comes to you.

With all my love,




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