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May 24, 1943.

Hello dear girl,

Woo, what a mood I am in tonight! Don’t know why but just am. Did you ever get in one of those moods where you feel like doing exactly nothing when you’ve loads and loads to do? Well, that’s my tonight. Wish I could go and take in a dam nice movie, a shake after that and just ride and ride.

There is a fellow in the barracks who is constantly playing his guitar and singing those Island songs. They are going right through me. I knew you used to like them a lot. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have movies to fall back on. At first I couldn’t bear to think of them but now, I don’t know, they sort of make me feel much better. My Pal, Roy, thinks I am nuts sometimes cause I’ll be lying on my bunk thinking and all of a sudden I’ll start acting out different things that happened when I was home. He’s a swell guy though and we usually go to town together on our liberties. He’s a quiet sort of fellow and has a girl back in St. Paul who writes him every single day. Sometimes he lets me read his letters. That kinda brings back old memories too!

I fell out of line a few days last week in school but came back to claim an average of 91 for the week which happened to be one of the highest marks for the weeks. Really surprising don’t you think? Gads, this is awful interesting stuff though, it just sorta first me somehow.

Looks like I could ramble on like this forever but guess I’d better not huh?

I’ll be thinking of you this Saturday on my liberty and then three weeks later I hope with all my heart that I’ll be seeing you. Probably act like a dope when I do.

All my love,


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