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April 16, 1942.

Hello sweet,

Gee, just as I started to write, “Bing” Crosby started singing “Blues In The Night”. Swell. You know hon, I heard “Miss You” last night. I really listened intently and those words certainly are beautiful and fit in so well with us. I think I’ve made it my “number one song”.

What do you know? Three cheers !!! Auto racing opened at Jax Stadium tomorrow night. Remember that the last I heard was that because of the war it would all be cut out? Well they must have heard I was around. The fellow think I’m crazy because I talked and raved so much about them when I saw the add in paper. We can’t get liberty on the nite un less are members of choir so I’m going to join choir so as I can have liberty from Friday until Mon. I’ll be allowed to drive a car if one comes in without a driver. I asked C.O. and he said I could race if I didn’t win money. Boy if I get the chance in any car even a little junk V-8 or something I will leap at the chance. (Don’t let on to my mother about this – Remember I trust you now – Please don’t. Because I know just what she would say. I can’t resist the temptation. You know how I love them.)

Enclosed is the clipping. If you see Bud tell him that they are opening here. Show it to him to prove it. – Well enough about the races.

Hey! I had a swell dream last night. Guess what it was? Here it is: You and I were married and living in the country in that rambling home we talked about, and we had a large garden in the front yard with a large Collie dog running around you know how dreams fo well it was as clear as day. Somehow or other I was still in the Corps. You were in a white shirt and red skirt with a plaid apron on (thats the part I remember most because it was you). The dream just drifted on like things always do. That one dream I can come through. Only I don’t care if I’m in the marines or not as long as we would be happily married. Remember sweet your my sweetheart, and your the one I always want to please.

Gee tell the P.O. authorities up there not to hold your mail up. I get on daily from home and it only takes a day and a half to come. And it isn’t airmail, isn’t that funny? Blast out the P.O. up there.

Studies are getting faster in everything. I can type 22 words/min now. Code 8/min-semphone-8/min. So far I’m still with the dam stuff.

Test tomorrow dear so I’m going to do a little brushing up. Goodnight darling.

I love you,


P.S. No Mail today –

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