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April 20, 1943.

Hello, you dog – I mean, devil dog,

I got another letter today, dated April 7th. That’s pretty fast time, thirteen days.

So all this time you didn’t know about our famous “black lacey thing” – well it’s about time time you got the letter telling about when I bought it, I only have one, by the way. It really has to be seen to be appreciated.

Sat night I went to the Marine Corps League Auxiliary, as previously announced. Gee, it was fun. They got all ready to sign me up, and asked if I were a wife, sister, or mother of a Marine. So I said I was a fiance of a Marine. Well, everybody was very sorry and said I couldn’t really join but I can come to the meetings and do everything they do, but that’s all right too. We’re going to get uniforms and everything. They will be green, like the men’s, with overseas caps. I’ll be quite the kid , I’ll be P.F.C. Fowler. The meeting was very nice. It’s just for women, so don’t get excited, but we do have real marines at times that speak to us or teach us to drill. It’s mostly a social function type of thing. We meet every six weeks. We have card parties and things to raise money for organizations, especially for our Marine Trust Fund. One of the things the members have to swear to when they join is to “uphold the glorious traditions of the Marine Corps”, and to clear its name from all criticism (I’ve never heard any) and in general to sing its praises. They should make me President because I’ve had enough practice in that for the last year and a half. I’m the best little press agent you Marines ever had. Poor Vividen doesn’t hear about anything else. I love every Marine there is, even you. Especially you.

I told Arnold about the F4U Corsairs that you will be flying when you’re a pilot. He says they’re the best fighter plane there is. They’re the most highly super charged of the double Wasp engines.  See how much I know about planes? It’s so exciting. We’ll all pray that you come home soon for that training.

Dearest, I love you, I love you forever.

Your Betty

(I hope you like the little curl.)

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