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May 7, 1942.

2nd Letter

Hello patient – Dr. Clarke speaking



Back again sweet I’m skipping chow so I can drop my little “gal” a line.

I just got a second letter from you as we came out of code. Gee hon, it was wonderful to get two written same day.

All I want tho is that my Betty to feel 100% healthy and happy. Honest darling I was worried when I read your first letter. Are you all right now? Please tell me and tell me honestly, cause I want to know. If you aren’t I’ll do everything possible to get a furlough if I have too. Are you feeling O.K. now?

Your just so wonderfully wonderful darling, with your dear words of encouragement you send me! For you dear I’ll do my very best. As I said a million times, for you I’d do anything and do it in the best way possible. Thanks again for your swell little encouraging letter.

So you’re pretty good at spotting Airplanes. Well you can be my observer when we ride the sky lanes together sweet!

Tell me all about the Church supper now – I bet you’ll get beans – they always seem to serve them.

It is a crime that you and I can’t meet and have fun isn’t it hon? I’ll fight to the last tooth like all the other fellows do and will to bring the war to a close so we all can return to our sweethearts and homes and all again to live real peaceful American lives.

I just got 100% in Semophore test last one. I ‘ve got two go to code now sweet so keep well and happy with your ever dear smile.

From the one fellow who is the happiest fellow in the world to have such a sweet and dear girl.

I love you darling,

Your own,


Tell you mother I must be from Missouri!

I love you and miss you XXXXXXXXXXX

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