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April 28, 1942.

Hi ya Honey,

Do you ever think of me anymore? Do you ever wish I was home with you? Do oyou miss me a lot? Are you forgetting all about our plans and are you stepping out on me every so often? Gosh, Darling, I hope you are still pulling along with me but for some reason I don’t think you are as anxious as you (INCOMPLETE LETTER)

Hon, why don’t you break down and tell me what I’m waiting to hear from you! Can’t you see I adore you Darling? Can’t you understand that I want you every minute of the day and night! Don’t you think I have lived in anguishing doubt for long enough? People ask me why I don’t go out with girls around here and before I could say “Because I have the best girl in the world and she is true to me (INCOMPLETE LETTER)

Now, can I give them the same answer and really make it sound convincing? Well, you guess – could you?

Regardless of how you feel about writing romantic letters, I still maintain that you could very easily and sincerely say, “I love you Henry”, in your letter some place! I am sure there would be no harm in that – Now, I am taking a guess a bit for granted – or am I?? But if everything should be just in (INCOMPLETE LETTER)

Think you should come right and say so, don’t you? I remember when you thought so at one time! Darling, lets be close together in our letters for a while anyway! Let’s try it and see what effect it has.

Hon, I don’t think you would be so selfish as to say no. I don’t think you mean to be so cruel but Darling, you are. It really hurts and has hurt for an awful long time.

Darling, I love you and I still say “God help me if I’m jealous!” (INCOMPLETE LETTER)

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