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May 4, 1942.

My darling,

Well to-day I don’t start to school until 2:00. I like this having a little more time to sleep mornings.

I don’t know what time mail call is going to be today.

What a weekend – Wow. To being with I didn’t even have one beer, so relax hon.

It was a big Navy day in town Saturday so you can imagine how the ‘boys’ got in that night. Well in our barracks 6 landed in jail – 10 got so drunk the M.P.s just brought them in front of a truck and dropped them on the floor and dragged them into the showers. They are nothing but fools to get so disgustingly drunk. I got a kick out of seeing how foolish they act but really I thought to myself what sense is it getting so stupid. Well so ends what we all called “Bloody Sat of May 2”.

I got an invitation to dinner with a lady around 45 and her boyfriend,  her boss and old scotchman. He is a big short insurance man here + she’s his secretary. What a couple , but darn hospitable. We had a nice dinner at her mother’s house, boy it was good too, after this navy chow. Hugh Boyle, (the Scotti) had a 41 Olds. He took us out to the beach which is really impossible to describe. You can drive forever on it and it’s hard packed sand. 200 cars can go abreast on it. They treated me to drinks and rides and all at the pack.

Here’s the funny part. As soon as we got done from church she runs next store to get a date for me. Well when she comes back and tells me I said that was all very nice thought and all but I wasn’t particular about it. But this will slay you – it did me. The girl was 15 years old and very much on the plump ride and tried to act so old. Well she went with us and I don’t think I spoke hardly the whole ride to her. There wasn’t anything to talk about so we could just sit there and smile very nicely when we would look at one another.  I was very uneasy and really would have given anything to have her got lost in the crowd btu she was worse than chewing gum for sticking.

Here’s the real fun! Sat night when we got back she asked me to attend the [unreadable] church service that evening so I didn’t or rather couldn’t very well leave right from supper to go  back here so I said O.K. Well ye gads!! What a church – Poor people and religious fanatics. I never, never in my life got into such a crazy mad house in my life. It’s a small town tumble down church and they have these evangelists each Sunday. Well the young people are those real old maidish types with buck teeth, pigtails and eyeglasses and giggle types – Oh what an evening. I’ll never say yes to anything like that again as long as I life – Praise be it - - Hallelujah!

Well this crazy nitwit of a young man runs up to the alter and falls on his face and prays and raves out loud some are singing and shouting out loud prayers, old ladies and cripples and screaming and crying – babies about 16 are nursing right in Church – are crying and creeping all over. The Church  stunk of age and chicken. The minister (so called) played all hymns on the piano in jazz and the people clap and dance their feet right up and down every sentence with “Praise the Lord” “so be it” “I saw the light” “I’ve been saved” Ye-Bretheren – and what not – He’s a killer – the young raving maniac the preacher picks up an accordion and starts running up and down the aisle with it – Honest hon I think it’s all a crazy dream almost when I think of it. Never will I go to one of these Southern Church of God or Epnetical Church or whatever you call it – and the s called date – Oui – well I said good-bye and ran like the deuce for the bus after it was over – I said to myself, “Clarkie, you can get into the darndest places by just a slight push – Best never get put into an insane nut house like that – Praise be it!”

Well darling I had a nice dinner with the couple anyway but I don’t think I’ll accept any more invitiations of any kind cause you don’t know what is coming next – I’ll eat at U.S.O. its worth it. – Hey see you in a sex – got to go to noon chow – see you soon. — 11:45 – Back again 1:15 – Only got time to say I love you and miss you every breath I take.

God to get ready for classes so see you later darling.


Your “Fella”


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