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April 16, 1942.

Hello Dearest,

Oh, what a day! It’s awful hot and sunny and they say this is nothing compared to what it will be in a few months from now! Whee! I am going to do all I can to get back home or something! Of course that is if you don’t come down here and take over the ranch! I got two little bulls today, they are about a month old and really nice ones! I had to take these in the car and what a mess! I spent an hour trying to clean it up! It’s okay now, thanks heavens!

Roy’s Uncle has a race boat and holds the worlds speed record, this Sunday they are having a race at Huston, Texas and he asked me to go with him – providing I help get the boat in shape, so tomorrow I guess I’ll go down and supervise the job! And what a boat! Roy’s own boat has a great big hole in the bottom and we have to patch that too. Only Roy’s is a regular four seater job – or did I tell you about it!

Tonight a howling team from Dalas is coming over to play us – here’s hoping we turn them! And by the way, I got a new high of 259 for the weeks! 7 strikes in a row and two later in the game – you really should be down here, Sugar! We’d put you on the team as cheerleader! Boy! Dressed in shorts and everything! Hot dog! Could we bowl or could we bowl then!!??! – ya – I don’t know – could we?!

Anyway Sweetie Pie I love you with all my heart and soul! – Kiss me please? - Do you ever kiss my picture?

Bye lover,


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