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It's a privilege to curate the Flea Market Love Letters Project. Being able to write and speak on the project helps build our community by reaching new readers and spread awareness about the importance of letter preservation. Interested in talking about Flea Market Love Letters for your project? Contact us here. 

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What Should I Read Next: Epsiode 250

Click here to listen to our chat with Anne Bogel from popular podcast "What Should I Read Next?"

Photo Trouvee Magazine Issue #1

Photo Trouvee Magazine is an arts magazine by two vintage collectors. Click to learn more about our interview in the first issue.

The Denim Couch Podcast: Episode 9

Stef Tanner invited us to her show "Denim Couch Podcast" to chat all things vintage collecting. Click here for more.

Love Letters Live Podcast

Click here to watch our interview with the charismatic and wonderful Janet Gallin.

Along Came a Writer with Linda Kozar

Join Linda and I as we discuss how every one has a story.

Irish Edition: "Vintage Love Letters: Ireland 'Here & Now'"

September 2020 Op-Ed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Newspaper 'The Irish Edition'.