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February 2, 1942.

Dear Sweetheart,

Hey kiddo I’ve sent a little something to you today. I sneaked a run over to the post exchange today to get it. I hope you will receive it alright. I sent it air mail.

Betty, the saying on the cover is just exactly how I feel about you. The phrasing on it is said better than the way I could say or write it. I hope you will like it.

You would not recognize me now if you saw me, owing to my coat of tan. I can’t believe it myself.

It was freezing cold for the first time this morning and we started drilling at 5:00 A.M. and our hands were so cold drilling with our rifles that we at one time could hardly obey a step order with guns, so the Corp gave us permission to rest and give our hands a rubbing to get them warm. I could hardly close or open mind. About 10:00 A.M. it warmed up a little.

We won’t get mail until Saturday they told us today. It seems awfully funny not to be writing or answering anything about your letters that I know are waiting for me.

The words on the cover are very well stated dear because the news to follow is very disappointing to me.

The Corporal told us today that there will be no leaves whatsoever after training is over and not until the war is over. You can’t even get leave for sickness or emergency unless it is exceptionally urgent! It was a blow to me. The only chance that I will get to see you until the war is over is by some change I might get stationed for a short period in an eastern station before we depart for foreign soil.

So darling please remember that I love you always but I also love you so much that I always want your happiness to come first so if you ever find a fellow you like better than me – you know…..

I find matters like this a tough job but my only prayer nights is that you will still or shall I say always feel the way you felt the last few nights that we were together. You’re certainly “aces” to me I’m doing everything to the best of my ability to be a good marine so that I’ll be able to get ahead here. So far they haven’t caught me making any boners yet. And thats a lot to say owing to the way they jump on you for the slightest little thing. But everything I do i know is going to make me better for you. And I would go through anything in this world if I knew you would be at the end of my goal waiting for me.

Please don’t think I’m a sorrowful fellow, I’m not just sitting here nights certainly sets me to thinking. Its awfully dreary just before taps. It is the worst part of the day for us fellows.

On the next sheet you will find a few sayings that I read over and over again because you wrote them.

These were in that little pad. I practically worship it.


Hello?HiHow Are you?How is Clark Gable?How is San Diego?Did you go thru Ft Worth?Do you miss me?

Answers, mine:

HiLowO.K. except missing my girl.I don’t know I’m in S.C.I don’t know how Gable is but this “Clarke” is lonesome.No and I hope Ft. Worth is blown away by nowAll I can say it, Oh Betty am I!!! And do I!

Don’t even mention it, “it” is all i can think of.

8. Remember me? I’m the kid with the nice personality.

Ans.  I’ll never forget or couldn’t as long as I live.

9. Nice weather we’re having.

Yes isn’t it..

10. Hi Dive Bomber.

Love P-40

11. How’s the haircut? Glamorous?

We won’t even mention it.

12. Fly over my house some day next week, O.K.?

Wish I could but can’t.

13. Some of these days you’re gonna miss me honey. —

That was the truest thing you wrote.

14. My momma done told me –

I hope not.

15. Big Boy coffee still good.

Swell here too.



Well it’s getting near taps again and that Carolina moon is making me love sick in a worse way even then the way I am now, so I’ll close and throw a kiss to you. I love you.




“Remember Wah Island” Our Fighting Theme  

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