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March 6, 1945.

Casford, Conn.

From: A lonely guy

To: His best girl

Subject: A request to return home and to duty.

Dearest Commanding Officer,

May I modify my original orders in that I may now  be authorized to travel between Eastford, Conn and Guiltford, Conn and to my ultimate destination, The Commanding Officer, – of my heart, for a course of instructions in love making.This to be at my own expense, subject to reimbursement at the rate of three (3) kisses per mile, based on the longest unusual traveled route between old and new stations, as shown in official mileage table regardless of mode of travel. (rockets okay for me!)I would like to refund you a couple of days, there by making my stay at these lonely [unreadable] just about half as long. I promise, I’ll peel these spuds after I return from work every night and I’ll do the dishes. I’ll make love to you in all my spare moments and even when I’m supposed to be working. I’ll always tell the truth about everything and I’ll never forget to remark favorably about your excelled beauty and will always notice your hats, dresses and everything!My records and accounts will be handed you here with for safe delivery in accordance with [unreadable].I have recently returned to duty beyond the confidential links of my heart strings, and therefore excited to purchase an “Open Heart” ticket to the one I love more than anything else in the world.Fowler-ing these modified orders. I am now authorized to leave Eastford on the morning of the ninth and make said journey to the one I love.Please think of me, dear Commanding Officer,and please be ready to take me over cock stock and barrel when I return.

Your Lover,

Henry Miller – on the make!

Hello Darling,

Honestly, I do miss you and love you so darn much.

I’m doing everything down here. Milking cows, sawing wood, going over the mail routes with the boys and playing the part of a regular civilian hard at work. Can you picture that?

Sweet, you know Leonard works until about 9:00 on Fridays so how they devil I’m going to see is beyond me. I guess I’ll have to look the bus schedule over huh. Anyway, I’ll call you soon as I get home and we can figure something out.

Well, Honey must close now as Charlie is leaving for the post office and I want you to get this soon as possible.

Darling, I’m nuts about you!

See you soon,

I love you,


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