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April 4, 1942.

Hello Sugar Plum,

I am mad at you today! No letter!

Gee Darling, I wish you were here! Do you know what’s going to happen tonight? Well, I’ll tell you! We are going to have a great big round up and stake + weenies roast! Sweetness, what a place to be with the one you love! A big campfire, sadle horses, music, a beautiful Texas moon (as the one tonight) all the food you can eat and ours [unreadable]! Oh hun, just so much nonsense when you go alone or with your sister, Sweetness, you just got to come out here! That’s all there is to it! Around this time of year everything starts! Swimming, riding, boating, fishing and a lot of spooning – no fun without you Darling! – Boy! Am I going to work to get you out here or am I !!??!!

I know that Easter will be over by the time get this letter, but anyway, tell me about it, will you? I hope you enjoyed it Darling, no telling when we will be able to have another as good, it’s a funny thing to say, sweet, but I want you to remember this Easter forever! Sometime I may get to tell you why.

Precious, please please send me a snap shot of you! Gosh I want one so bad.

I’m writing this letter so fast (I can’t think I am supposed to be on my way to the the festival now; anyway Darling, I’ll be thinking and loving you constantly! Oh, if you were only were and dressed in your riding clothes! Yum! Yum! I’d bet I’d gain 30 lbs and smile for weeks without every stopping!

I adore you loveable,


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