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May 3, 1942.

Hello darling, (or future Mrs. “Skipper”)

So my hon has new stationary, I see. I like it very much two. You are certainly a very tasty “picker”.

Darling, I wish that dream you had was real. But some day it might be. I still like your gaberdine outfit the best so when I do get back, kind of slip into them.

Say “cute” would you always scream, or let out a startled cry or giggle if I said, Morning hon, the I did that morning you were surprised at Quantico when I saw you dash down the hall. I laugh to myself more than once at that. Don’t bite!! Ha!  

I love the shoes! Quiet sensible Hon, I wonder if wearing high shoes so much caused you all that back trouble you had? Could be maybe.

I got 3 registered letters today. A very, very nice letter from Mr. Chamberline, and another nice one from Mr. Haley, Spt. of Schools.

Vic (R.A.F.) has been asking me every day if I heard from “Betty” so he will be more than pleased when I give him your encolosed letter to him tomorrow. He’s gone out today.

Bob and I are in town today. We think we will see “The Spoilers”.

Hon, I just sent me picture to you. Its really pretty “lousy”, sometime later I will try another one. It isn’t half as nice as your lovely ones but I guess you can understand. I wish I could have sent it in a nice frame now, but just wait for while and then I will send a frame for it, if you think it’s worth a frame. Please wait now cause I’ll feel as though it’s more of a gift. O.K.? (Don’t jump when you open it!)

Glen Miller is playing “Moon Light Cocktail”. Remember you liked it so?

I’ll be busy tomorrow thinking up and writing “thank you” letters to Mr. C & Mr. H ——- Those are the types of letters I hate to write.

Things are getting really tough “out there”. Each day I can see more and more that my chance of ever seeing you darling is getting worse. No furlough [unreadable]. So please please, if you can wait till I get back from where-ever they send us. I hate to tell you this but I’d rather tell the truth than false hope. The marines that complete training here definitely shove off to some front, so keep all the mail you can coming as I know some one of these future days I won’t get any.

But I’ll always be able to read over, and over the old ones.

I’ll be loving all those good old Betty’s super dinners some day. Gee I wish I was there, you and I , all alone when your parents were out shopping.

Bob is there writing and is waiting for me to get to show so – you finish it.

I love you Betty, forever.

Bye dearest,

All my love,


Alias “Skipper”

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