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April 3, 1942.

Naval Air Station

Jacksonville, Florida

Dear Sweetheart,

Good morning my little “bright eyes”. I  bet you are just starting to work about now. Well here’s something to make your morning a little more cheerful. I love you hon.

Again I’m just laying around under this Florida sun just dreaming and wishing I was back home with you.

I’ve got all your pictures hung up and pasted up on the inside of my locker door, even the snaps. And all the “Dieago” boys gathered around my last night as I was getting out my rifle and just stood there admiring you. They certainly complimented and praised your beauty to the highest. They said that they thought the western girls were beautiful that I was the luckiest fellow they knew to have such a “peach” as they called you. All of them wanted your name, address and telephone number but I said – “sorry boys she is already taken definitively by yours truly because we happen to be engaged”. There was a long line of wows and woes because they all said “why why do some guys get all the breaks”. (If they only knew how my heart is breaking darling. Yeh I got the breaks.) I miss you of ever so much hon.

You must be getting mail every day now. I write at least two letters a day. Because when we start school I won’t have too much time for letter writing, but I will try to write something each day darling.

I miss something else to. Do you know what it is? Yeh, I miss not  hearing the roar of motors burning rubber and the smell of castor oil at the race tracks. Gee I would love to see one. If I didn’t make a living any other way my first delight would be to drive one of those “gas buggies” around. I would name the car “The Fowler Special” driven by “Wild” [unreadable] Irwin (Alvin J. Clarke) I bet you could lean up in that game. With you beside me I could win at everything I would undertake. Here’s a picture of my dream “brain child”.

Gee this life is monotomous (I hope that’s spelled right!) I have to even draw pictures to keep from going crazy. I have to even draw pictures to keep from going crazy.

This was havent to me. I loved to ride out to see you every night. Remember the fun and all we would have? I’ll never forget those wonderful nights and the fun we would have at your home.

Still following? Its a miracle if you are.

Hey – a fellow from Cal. just passed my open locker and said; – “Gee 10 pictures and all of the same girl. Wow he must love her.” Unquote. If he only knew how much I do. Woo woo!! (Quantico password.)

Hey Betty! Get hot on those rebilling slips. You know Mr. Henry is watching you! ALso Ralph is perhaps kidding the daylights out of you by now.

Just for the sake of an argument go tell them all to go duck their dreamy old heads in a bucket of dough! Especially that homely looking, lanky guy, they call Hall! I’ll be waiting to see him some day in Australia or some far away island. Boy he want to have taht beer pouch when he gets to drilling in the army. Ha Ha, Ha! Also tell Smithy to take that “lost and found” look off his homely pan – Thanks –

The insignia on the math cover I’m enclosing is the insignia of the planes stationed here. It represents us students just hatched learning to get our wings or ratings. The duck is a symbol of land and the water flying. I’ll have all my stationary with an emblem like this on it when I get paid. Those are the types dive bombers I will be up in soon. They are Douglas Dive Bombers. A squadron is overhead now practicing. Wish you could see them.

Time for Noon chow me mate so I’ll let you get back to your little affairs at the U.L.Co.

I love you, I love you X one million and then cube it and still isn’t as much as I love you.

Your leatherneck

“Scowly Pisa”

P.S. Will most likely write some more this aftern. —

Adios for awhile

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