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May 31, 1943.

Hi snooks,

We’ve had a lovely weekend – perfect weather. I didn’t do much, Saturday afternoon got a new permanent, which came out surprisingly well. Saturday night I went up to the apartment to see Arn and Glenn, and incidentally, stayed for super. Then I met Annamay in front of Schubert’s and we saw Gary Cooper, sigh, sigh, sigh, in “Pride of the Yankees”. Remember how I raved about that picture last year? Well, then it only played a coupe of theatres and the prices were higher, but not it came back at popular prices. It was just as perfect as ever. If, on any of your travels, you hear of it playing anywhere, be sure to see it, it’s not so much the story of  baseball as it is the story of a man.

Sunday my aunt and uncle and cousins came out in the afternoon and in the evening Arnold and Glenn came out. A fuse blew on his lights so they had to stay overnight. He works today, so they left early, before I got up.

Sat night before I went to sleep I read over some of your old letters from Jacksonville. One was written June 9th. In this one you wrote about how you decided to leave after one night when you were in Canada, instead of staying a week, because you missed me. At the time I wondered why you came home so soon, but I was glad you did.

Then I read one written June 22nd. In that one you kidded me about the quilt I was going to make with the 10” x 10” squares. You didn’t see how it would fit, etc. I got a laugh out of that one.

Here’s one from June 4th. In this one you took a 30 cal. Flexible rear cockpit machine gun completely apart and reassembled it and next week you said you were going to fire on machine gun range and better you were going to practice shooting at air targets while flying. You also added a cheerful little note about the life of a rear gunner in combat being three minutes. Well, you certainly did all right.

Little did I think back in June that a year would pass and still no see. I always have the dopey feeling that very soon I’m going to see you and then the months go by and I don’t. Well maybe it’s a good thing that I can feel that way.

I’m sending a couple more pictures. In the two of me in the pasture you can see your namesake sniffing gingerly at the apple. In the one marked 5, you can see Frosty way at the right of the picture. Amo made a hasty retreat into the trees, and could not be coaxed out. But Jack is so nosey that he gets the belts of his fear of me on the fence are silly, but then so am I.

Well, Jack, we’ll see what happens. I love you, my darling, and I will always. Miss me?


SNAFU without you!!

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