Sandy & Harry

Spanning nearly a decade, the Sandy and Harry letters are a treasure of post-War romance. First we see Sandy as the nervous English War Bride of American G.I. Harry. Then we are afforded an intimate look into her first return visit nearly a decade later to England, with her and Harry's daughters -- during which England celebrates the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. All captured in first person, vivid details of time and place in history are on display in these fantstic letters. 

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February 2 1945
October 13 1945
"And next – about your being Jewish– I don’t care what you are darling– and I’m ready to change my religion for you at any time – and any kids would be brought up the same– that’s if you want me!! As for me marrying an English Boy– that’s definitely out– my husband has to be Living! So being frank, it’s you or no-one."

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January 11 1946
"Did you hang up your xmas stocking? I did, and to my disgust I found a teething ring in it next day– just because I’m having trouble with wisdom teeth! The cads!! What a time I had– on waking up, as usual I dashed across to the mirror, and had one heck of a shock– taking advantage of my being a heavy sleeper– the family had blacked my face with soot– with many etceteras–what a crowd they are!! "

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February 25 1946
January 30 1946
"I don’t know how things are over your side of the “pond”– but this side is blooming awful- there’s the biggest epidemic of ‘flu that I can remember right now I’m home nursing mom with it and believe me she’s awful sick– its just impossible to get a nurse– and still more impossible to get any laundry done– so I’ve done the next best thing– did the laundry myself–boy what a job too!!"

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May 9 1946
"What do you think of the snaps? My friend took them when we went to the the Isle-of-Wight for the weekend. We went to the Alum Bay– actually its the farthest point of the island– the needles are right by where we we’re sitting. The girls wanted to take a snap of me falling over the cliff edge–but I was a meanie and wouldn’t let them– the rats!!"

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June 4 1946
"This afternoon– we leave for London– we’re going to see the Victory Parade you know– I’ll write and tell you all about it. Four of the girls from the office came to tea yesterday so I took them & showed them my now full wardrobe– ha! You should have seen their faces– unfortunately my clothes do not fit them."

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June 6 1946
"As soon as I do “get my ride” over there, dear you can really bank on all the help you need from me – and that I mean!!…I bet I’ll be a buyer of an opening– especially as there will be nylons nocking around!! Better watch out you don’t get lynched…or something!!….Incidentally, the car sounds absolutely superb– don’t forget to send me a picture of it..."

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September 4 1946
"Firstly we had to parade in front of judges and the audience– the judges awarded their points and picked three of us– then the audience had to clap for the one they thought should win– & was I scared??!! It’s been terrible since though– people asking all sorts of questions, and wanting to know all the inns and outs of my business. "

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