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March 25, 1942.

Dear Jack,

How was the train trip Sunday, or did they have to carry you back to old Virginny? I’ll bet you couldn’t wait to get back to all those southern belles, colored mammys with fried chicken, and don’t they even have glamour girls like Kate Smith to sing just for you? Maybe Dorothy Lamour will come some time! They sunshine there seems to agree with you, too – you’re so nice and tan compared with the hot-house flowers of West Harvey.

Your unexpected appearance Sunday was the first of a lot of nice surprises. Right after you left I heard that I’d won $5.00 on a 5 cent raffle ticket, and after that came an unexpected trip to New York.

Monday night we had a surprise blackout test. Claire, Betty (Kellgram) and I were just coming down the street where the West Haven “bull” started going and the street lights went out. Next thing we knew the air raid warden rushed up to us and told us to “seek refuge!”

He was so excited we thought it was the real thing, and yet he kept telling us to keep calm! Joan Griffin is the air raid warden for our own side of the street, and you should see the big club she carries!

I’ll bet you never realized what a tough neighborhood East Brown St. is, did you?

Ned Scholl said you’re going to Pensecola, Florida. Could be? Florida sounds awfully far away, but my father was there when he was in the army and he thinks there’s no place like it The Scholls are building a new house at Aime’s Point (right around the corner from the Sellamaris).

By the way, do you ever hear from Dil? I’ll never forget his “romance” with Marilyn. She wants to find out his address so she can write to him again. He’d probably be scared to death if she did, remember the day he was supposed to leave? If he went by with his suitcase, he went by twenty times and each time Marilyn would get sad and say that she’d never see him again and then a few minutes later he’d be back.

I guess he couldn’t get his courage up to make that long trip alone back to Maine.

Your mother was telling me that you and Charlie Langley were together in South Carolina. Are and of your friends in Virginia?

In school our Office Practice Club is getting up a roll of honor of all West Haven graduates now in the service, which will be in the Rostrum next month. I’ll send you a copy and there you can see your name, in the Rostrum again. So until then, good-bye, now.


P.S. I hope you haven’t already seen the cartoons I’m enclosing. The middle one was written about you!!

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