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July 20, 1942.

Darling mine,

Its so awfully hot today I can’t seem even to get up energy enough to write. The sweat is rolling off me like a river.

I’m writing this inbetween periods. I’ve only got 10 minutes so I’ll make it snappy.

At 5 o’clock I hope I’ll get a letter from you sweet. More pictures two, I hope.

Did you see latest “Life”? The part about lipstick on letters was pretty good there wasn’t one girl who was as faithful in writing as you are. Also there were no lips as swell or as pretty as yours on the page.

Hon, are you going to send for the “Sniper Field Booklet”? If you aren’t I’ll send for one.

Gee I am just about dead from the intense heat. I’m glad we’re getting out of this hot country soon!

Three minutes to go. I’ve got to get that in 5 o’clock mail.

You know what I was thinking of last night? THe very first time I saw you and somebody spoke to me about before I knew your name. It was Ren Morgan. About 2 days after I was first employed by the U.L. Co. and after I noticed you over at your desk, he and I came in the trolley together and in course of conversation he asked me if I noticed how much like Simone Simone Miss Fowler looked like. I told him that being there only a couple of days I didn’t hardly know any one by name but I would try to notice the Miss Fowler he mentioned. So then when we walked up the steps going into the office he saw you on the stairs ahead of us and told me to look and he said “there is the girl I’m speaking of”. Well even then I told him “That’s the prettiest girl in the office and she has the darndest eyes cause every time I’d catch her eye in the office I was powerless and couldn’t concentrate on my work.”  I felt awfully bashful when you would get my eye and I couldn’t help but stare admiriningly at you. Then a few days after I got up nerve enough to speak and come near you and ask for a pen. Ha! Gee you think of these things when you just look back a bit!

I said only had 3 mins. Two classes have gone by now I must run and mail this cause its very late.

Betty, sweetheart, I’m praying ever so hard to see to see you soon. I love you dear, always.

Your own fella,


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