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May 4, 1942.

2nd letter, after recess –

Dear darling,

I didn’t as yet mail me letter but now I just got yours of Friday. I do have to say one thing sweet, I hope you don’t get mad. I didn’t only inwardly when I sawd about H______ again. If I remember correctly I think I said I didn’t ever care to see him mentioned again! I mean it. I can’t stand being away and not being able to keep you still interested in me and when I see there’s still a flicker of a light between you and him it rips me almost apart inside. I feel as though you still care about him and by not seeing me you might still go back to him. Can you blame me? I can’t write the nice words or perhaps say it as nicely, I know, but Betty darling I LOVE YOU!!! And I don’t want that snake crawling when I can’t step on it –! I’m worried!!

I’ve got such a hate for that person it is almost inhuman!! If you know how much you meant to me you would feel the exact same way if you were me!! I would most decidedly write him a letter telling him any more than it does me when I ever see him mentioned in your letter.

Oh yes, I hope Arnold don’t think that he’ll be a navy pilot – Darn far from it if I make it – it will be Marine Corps and they also fly off carriers – We’ve (U.S.M.C.) got em all beat –!!!

I controlled my temper sweet but please understand how I feel knowing I can’t be with you to still have you loving me. He can get home someday and if he does – I don’t know what I’d do if he won.

Love always,


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