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April 7, 1942.

Hello Precious Darling,

Oh, what a day! Rain, rain, rain and what I mean rain! And I’ll bet you a kiss you can’t guess what I was doing either! Well, I told you about our two cows didn’t I? Anyway, it seems that we have so much milk that we don’t know what to do with it, so I went looking for a few young calves to buy and feed the surplus to them and later sell the calves for beef or something. Well, I visited the famous Ft. W. Stock Yards and looked at millions of them but I didn’t like any of them so I went to big ranches and finally found two very nice ones. I am supposed to get them in a few days – Gee, who said we haven’t got a ranch of our own!!? Anyway, it won’t be long now and to top the day off I decided I wanted to milk the cows but the dawn old cow didn’t like the idea! She wouldn’t give me all the milk and I had to let the cow hand finish her, I guess my finger nails were a bit to long and they hurt her – or something.

Yesterday we had a big Army day parade right in front of the hotel too, it was very interesting but wet also!

Honey bunch, how’s the feet? Now maybe you know how I felt right after night in the FIrst Nal. Shores! You do get used to it though and it won’t hurt so much after awhile.

I glad to hear that mom has stopped worrying – that is – away from home anyway –  

Beloved, I think that I’ll let everything go to the winds and smash up the car, board a freight and head for you! Would you want to see me? Would you love me?

Bye Honey, remember I love you –


P.S. Had strawberry s.cake today! Yum yum! Fresh too!

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