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May 1, 1942.

Hello Hon,

Guess what, it stopped raining! And that is news, it’s the first day in about two whole weeks that it didn’t rain and the whole north side of town is under water. On top of that I caught a nice sore throat from it. That’s not all either, I got stuck in the mud twice and had to be pulled out by a wrecker truck, Humm, more fun!

I went to the show last night for the first time in about a month, Charlie Chan in “The Castle In The Desert”, Such a picture and I thought it was good, Pooey, when i got home I was surprised to see Zyg home for a visit. He left about 5 o’clock in the morning so I hardly had time to say hello.

I got another darn parking ticket this morning too, Gee wouldn’t you think those cops would mind there own business?

I got some good news though, I heard from a reliable source that Mr. Specht, (pronounced “Speck”, also my boss) likes me very much. He’s as mean to the other managers as he can be and swears a song of thirty verses at them without using the same word twice, You know how news paper men are don’t you?”

Shoot, I think I am going to go move from the Hotel this week, Would you be interested in my new address?? It shouldn’t be hard for you to guess what it will be, Huh, if you know what I mean, etc. etc.

Tomorrow is Payday and boy, I sure can use a little money about now, My expense is quite high living in that hotel and eating every meal in a cafe and I do a lot of driving on the job too. It’s a lot of fun but still a lot of work.

Well Betty, what’s the use of pretending, You know darn well what I am thinking about while I’m writing this letter, I’ve come to the conclusion that some thing has happened to you and that you are not able to write. I thought I knew you better than to think you would just quit qriting without the least explanation. I know you are game enough to play fair, and I’ve been thinking that maybe I’ve been worrying for nothing like I did once before. Anyway, I am praying that I’m righ about it.

Please don’t keep me in such suspense any longer and write me a little note today, Will you Hon? Please?

Darling I love you so much, Believe me I do!!! –

Bye Darling,

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