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February 8, 1942.

Time for all marines to be out with their girls if we could. 9:P.M.

Dear, dark, beautiful and shapely, (Fowler Touch)

Well answering your first question, marines wash their clothes and clean rifles in their spare time. I threw a brick but I don’t know if it will hit you (Ha!) Also write letters.

Secondly I’m patiently awaiting your new pictures. “Chop Chop” as we say down here. I’m getting a southern drawl already, no kidding.

Thirdly I’m a marine now and a wiser man, so darling, just wait.

Fourthly, I’ll try to read them in order, the letters I mean, but this is the first one I received, dated Feb. 6th postmarked.

Fifthly, if you aren’t a perfect specimen, you’d drop dead during the third day if not before.

Sixthly, glad to hear about gang inquiring about me except “Percy” Connor.

Seventhly, I’m very glad to here that your learning to run that dinner we will start some future day. Don’t gip the rsfiter now Ha.

Eightly, Darling I understand perfectly by why you couldn’t make it. I will really miss not seeing you here but all I can say is if at any-time you can, just let me know. I’ll be out on maneuver beginning the 15th until the 28th. So it would be impossible. Darn it.

Hey don’t ever write anything about a boyfriend unless its true and boy, it better not be, Grrr.I burnt up like  a red hot stove until I read a little further and saw it was your “brudder”. I’m glad that you enjoyed the Follies.

Ah, yes, dear little Henry, Well I don’t even give him a dust of a thought. Fooey on Ft. Worth. The hot head!

That miserable non-com who just began with us today got called by the C.O. He made us stand at perfect attention for 1 hr ½. If you don’t think that’s torture trying standing perfectly still without moving your eyes on bit from the front. He also made us hold our arms out stretched the with a rifle straight held in our right hand. He did this because one person had a dirty bayonet. He is only a private and as impossible as the devil. He just wanted to show his authority because he just got out of “boot camp”. No body could do anything but take it, but I think that we would all have jumped him at night. The officer saw him from a distance and brought him another capret for unnecessary severity. It made our arms just about burst from strain holding that rifle out at arms length. We were glad to see him get the hook.

I guess I’ll get your other letters tomorrow. The time has now changed so I’ll be hitting the hay.

Dear, I’m glad you like the ring and please remember me as being with it.

Again and always I’ll say that my heart is aching for you by not seeing you. I miss you more than you ever will know. I will see you again darling if I can have the least little thing to say about it. I just got to before going away to fight someplace. If I don’t I’ll look back, just think that way only. Neither of us will think about the other. That’s an order from one marine to another “good soldier”.

I’ll see you soon in my dreams. Goodnight darling, and God Bless and protect you until I see you again.

With all the love in the world,

Love + Kisses,



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