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June 22, 1942.

Hello dearest,

Its raining just like those pictures you see of tropical storms right now.

Your fridays letter was awaiting me when I arrived back here this evening.

I love the way ou mention “flat on my tummy” when you are writing me. It sounds cute. I can’t write though that way at all, the only way I can write is in a sitting position of some sort. I can’t be on my side and write. It seems I write even or I can’t think right – or something. There goes this old pen. I put my name on my clothes with it and then I wonder why it don’t write smoothly on paper. Crazy me!

So I’m a conceited marine huh! Well “freshie” I’ll show you when I see you. – Woo woo!!

Listen “Future Mrs. J.C.” definitely make large, large single quilt. Much more “cosier” (oh, oh I’m stumped) “Cozier” or Co- well it is! I guess there is no such word cause it don’t look right any way! Make two if you have the time cause we can always use them!! Boy! I can see that rolling pin, pans,dishes toaster, and all flying through the air at me!!! I’ll hear about this when you answer it!! I know.

It sounds very pretty and I do understand what you were describing only I can’t see how a 10 inch by 10 inch can cover up one us let alone both!! Honest I can’t. If we were very small might it would but then against what right has a leatherneck to question a fair young maiden about a 10”x10” quilt?!

Quote: “It’s so pretty – light blue squares, about 10” x 10”.” Period – Are you sure to didn’t mean to put ‘ instead of “ for inches? Ha! I bet you just all excited at me like you and your mother were when I kidded about flour bags and egg plant!!

Don’t mind me to-night as I’m “dive happy” “dit happy” and “loving happy” (don’t say it – what I think you were to add on). We’ve been diving in pool, boxing and all to-day.

Darling do you miss your “scowly puss” much? I miss you something terrible! We’ve got to be together again soon dearest. I’m praying each night that I’ll be able to see you soon.  My prayer is always that God will guide me in both through this war and that I’ll succeed in my ambitions and win my “wings” so that I’ll be able to make a good husband for the sweetest dearest girl that ever breathed. I also pray that we’ll be able to be married as soon as possible and everything permits.

Goodnight sweet, sleep tight and pleasant dreams.

I love you darling,

Lights Out,



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