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June 9, 1942.

My darling,

Well how is summer time in good old Connecticut? Gee I bet its beautiful now.

You know hon, I wasn’t ever able to know how your home looked during the summer months cause we didn’t start dating till around the fall.

I just can’t stop feeling lonesome for you. I’ve always missed you since the day i left and instead of growing less, I miss you more and more each day.

I’ll never forget the trip Larry and I made to Canada. You know the reason I decided not tos tay a week? Well I don’t know if I ever told you, but it was because I couldn’t stand one night even, being far away from you. So I left Montreal that night and put the old nose on the good old Connecticut and didn’t stop til we got home home. See you the next day, Thanksgiving, was far more beautiful than any trip could have been.

Not being able to be with you my darling I live over and over again all the good times and dates we had together.

Gee the time flies, only six more weeks of radio school. I am hoping against hope that they will call me for flight training before its too late. All us fellow are beginning to wonder where we will be on our way by the seventh week.

Its raining cats and dogs, one minute then the sun shines. Yes, I think the rainy season is in full bloom.

Say dear, from what I hear I don’t think that clause about not being able to get married for 2 years goes during the war time. If that’s the case all I can saw is Oh Boy!! (If I get it sad long face when I say that – Gee I wish they would let me know!!)

We only got one mail today but none for J.C.

Did I tell you I lost my identification bracelet  about a week ago when I was boxing? It certainly went through a heck of a lot, especially in good old boot camp days. More than once I broke the chain but I always caught it. I miss the little devil now.

It’s just “teaming” now. I feel twice as dreary when it rains like this.

What seems to be the popular tunes up home? Down here it’s these few “Jersey Bounce”, “Skylark”, “Moonlight Cocktail”, “Johnny Doughboy”, and still my favorite is “Miss You”.

I hope your forwarding address arrives soon or after to-morrow I’ll have to writing to it.

A rumor is going around, more scuttlbut that we are going to Cuba. Boy those things just start of of clear air.

Goodnight my love, see you in my dreams. Speaking of dreams, I dreamt last night I was seeing you on a 10 day furlough. But I remember this funny incident. I was disgusted with myself cause after arriving in N.H. all the way from Jax, I discovered I wore my overseas cap instead of my barracks cap (you know how dreams are) so I thought you wouldn’t like me in it so I started a fight with a marine in the train who had one and took it in the scuffle – silly boy, what! The rest was heaven, after meeting you at the station, I don’t know where I got my Plymouth back but we were out in the country and had a swell time. (Gee all I wished was that it was true. I was sadly disappointed when I woke up at 4:30 and saw the same old lockers, bunks and barracks walls. Grr.)

I really must be shoving off for bed so until to-morrow I’ll be with you in my dreams darling.

Always thinking of you my one and only hon, and I can’t even start to tell you how lonesome I am for you.

Betty dearest, I love you.

Just your leatherneck,


Sleep tight

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