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April 17, 1942.

Aloha nui aikane,

Nani Anela your letter of Wed., that nice long, long one only took a day to reach me. I love it nany Anela.

Say sweet I’m worried about the present I sent you. It’s over a week and a half since I sent it to you. It was even insured. If I can will send a telegram asking you tomorrow if I don’t get a letter saying you got it tomorrow.

Kate Smith program is now on. She sang another new song. I think the title was “After Taps”. It was very beautiful.

I’m going to be a fine looking mess when I go to Jax tomorrow. I’ll explain.

Since I’ve been here the worst guy in the outfit bunks over me. I can’t do anything about it owning to the fact we get assigned bunks according to alphabet. He’s not liked by any of the guys. He’s careless about his bunk and all around and just one of those “wise guys” types. He throws stuff all over my bunk and I get blamed so I told him to knock it off. (I’ve told him a million times before also) so he said “make me”. Well I made him get off my bunk with a little “force”. He lets me have a very nice punch in the eye (for which I have a gash from the brow to my temple). Well this did it. I went into action and we fought like it — for about five minutes I gave him a real solid blow in the jaw which threw him against the locker upsetting it. Well the boys tried to break it up but still we continued. By now both had drawn blood. His nose and mouth and my eye and lip. The funny part was eve the Corp and all the boys wanted me to fix him good. He makes our outfit get balled and because of his bad co-operation, he just doesn’t like to be told. So as I was saying, we were going at it strong when the O.O.P came down the hall from the office. The fellow saw him so he pulled us apart. My jaw is sore and my face is kind of a mess but I feel satisfied that he knows my feelings towards his sloppy ways. The fellow just shun him because he acts like Cagney did in picture 69th, he brags and acts tough all the time wanting a fight and getting the platoon in trouble for his actions. The fellows told him that they were glad I took into him and also old him if he didn’t try to chime in with the rest of us and help that he would get more than one beating. It’s a good thing I had my picture taken last week and not tomorrow. I hope the inspecting officer won’t question my swollen and cut “mug” at inspection on parade tomorrow.

We get paid tomorrow – Rah Rah!

(LAst sheet of “Sparkey II”)

So you even forget my letter. Well I guess I’m beginning to lost my attraction for you. Hon, I’ll have to look into the matter.

That little can on the shelf was belt leather soak. O.K. “suspicious” are you satisfied. Never never fear hon about me and dates. There is no fun less its with you sweetheart. I just save all my dates until we meet again.

You are before me every minute and every second. It’s hard to believe I know but honestly no matter what I’m doing you’re right in front of me in my view. I bet that’s more than I am in your life. You just don’t know how much a sweetheart of an army soldier or marine means to him. She’s all he thinks of. But the girls back home have a lot of things I guess to make them feel not so lonesome.

My day goes like this graph:


I just wait to get a letter. It’s the best part of my stay here. Your letters.  

Kate just sang “Somebody Else Is Taking My PLace”. Gee, when I hear that I say to myself “I wonder if Betty will wait for me”. Hon I worry so about it.

Look at the “Pio Magazine” with V. Lake on the cover. It’s got something about U.S.M.’s I know better to send clippings anymore to you seeing you balled me out about getting them. We practiced Ju Jitsu this noon time after chow. It makes your arms sore. Besides this we all have to do an hour of mass exercises, from knee bench to sit ups. Over a thousand of us are gathered together, R.A.F. Maines and Sailors. Its a sight to see all these fellows do the exercises together. We all get turns with weight lifting dumbbells and bars. We have to all put in plenty of exercise after school. That’s what builds up our strength. No kidding we sweat but we really can feel the benefits each day. Tell Arnold to do an hours exercise, all types imaginable (that’s what we we cover I never thought it there were so many) if he wants to keep his C. Allan figure.

The first few words are some Hawaiian ones a marine who has served there gave me. “Aloha nui aikane” is “Hello my darling”. “Nani Anela” is “Beautiful Angel”. Like them. I do because they sound as beautiful as the lovely sweetheart I am sending them to.

Tell Sparkey “he should join the amphibious forces if he wants to get used to the water”. Hi little leatherneck. Is my betty trying to make a landing party of the F.M.F. out of you? Woof.

There’s a few good jokes in this month’s “Leatherneck”. Find them inside. Don’t mind one with a little bad word in it. Your a broad minded person anyway – I hope!

Hon, two songs are coming on. My favorites or rather yours and mind “We’ll Meet Again” and “Miss You”.  Everytime these songs come on I curse the Japs for making me be away from you darling. I say to myself “as soon as can I want to spend the rest of m days and years with the dearest girl in the world”. “Some sunny day” as he just sang. Oh! Does it make me ever so lonesome for you tender kisses and carreses.


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