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April 20, 1942.

Hello Dearest Darling,

Here I am again! Are you happy? Do you like to get my letters and do you miss them if I don’t write for a day or so? I hope so Beautiful!

Did you get my other letter that I typed in the office today? I didn’t have anything to do so I wanted to look busy so  I thought while I was dreaming of you, that I’d write you. I’m going to like my job very much – I think – !!? The company is going to do some experimenting in the Cindalion Department and have decided to let me have the experimental District! – everything is going to be new and everything will have to be done differently. Well, here’s where I jump head first for a 30 weeks start. And if I don’t get a raise in side of 1 ½ maths, I’ll call my self a flop!

I start at 12:30 in the afternoon, have a little conference with my men and then at 2:00 I ride around and wheels up in a few fellows and straighten out complaints, collect the money from the boys and that’s all! – Here’s the good thing about it! – I can buy new or recap this if and when I need them! – not bad eh? -I do believe that this will be a good job after I raise that 30 a wek to about 40 or 45 a week and [unreadable] me do it too!

Honey Child, I really wanted to tell you a million more things in this letter, tell yu how much I adore you and stuff and tell you how much I miss you but seeing that I got around two letter a week long, I think I’ll kip the whole matter!

Darling you are  one in a million and I love you! Will you kiss me tonight? – Henry –

Hey, I got an idea – kiss my picture and 10:30 Thurs night and I’ll be doing the same here!

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