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June 1, 1953.

Our Own Dearest Daddy har – 

We love you madly. Received your comics, and mags today – thanks so much – also your letter dear!! 

Yep, like you say time is really flying – only 30 more days left. The family seem pretty despondent when they think about us leaving – they are going to really miss the kids – and I’m going to miss them taking over, the minute they get home. So you like your daughter’s wise-cracks huh? The “No” that she was using at home, became “No I WON’T” with a defiant stamp of her food when we got here – but I ignored it and she forgot it. She can ask for anything at all that she wants and makes darned sure she gets it. 

Well tomorrow is “C’Day” as they are calling it, and London is mobbed am I glad I’m not there. I think you’re going to see films of the Coronation before we will – not having T.V. The picture houses are going to run a full length coloured film of the whole thing starting next Sunday – I want to take Ailene. 

So Benny bought a car – fancy having to get a loan for $35 – my god what do they do with their money. Did Ray really buy one after all? If so how come he didn’t tell you? Did he but it from James? 

About the housework dear, there is nothing you have to do before we come home – you can do it after we get there. Enclosed are negatives I have to get a couple of pictures made up from my aunts negatives, and you’ll get them as soon as I have them.

 I went to the pictures with Jack, Jill & Rita last night – I was literally forced into it; they all said it was time I got a little entertainment – almost time to go back and hardly been out – so I had to go – we saw “The Stars are Singing” and “Deadly Nightshade” double feature - I could hardly stand afterwards!! —-

We hope to take the kids all around the town after dark tonight (if they nap) to see all the lights and illuminations– of course after dark here is so ruddy late, that’s the only trouble. 

Glad you’re getting out and about a little more – you don’t have to sit at home every night, you know – get out and enjoy yourself kid, cause when I get back I want you to myself for a while OK? 

Well Tootsie mom has the dinner ready so I’ll have to go eat – take very good care of yourself for us three girls – we love you lots and lots – big hugs and kisses from us – and the family send regards to you!

Love, Hug & Kisses

Ailene, Cheryl & Sandy 

Dear Daddy – We love you and miss you and we’ll soon be seeing you. All our love, Ailene & Cheryl XXXXXXX 

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