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June 23, 1953.

Our Own Dearest Daddy Har – 

We love you desperately!! 

Been hot today 81 for a change. We’re trying to get in as many beaches as we can in our remaining 5 days that’s all the kids like is the beach!!! 

We were out at Southsea yesterday and we saw theCoronia going to N. York and the America going to Southampton and they passed each other right at Spithead and right behind then we saw a huge American Aircraft carrier come into the Harbor – really thrilled the kids to pieces. Tell me dear whilst you were sitting at Washingtons Crossing from 8 - 2:30 what did you eat? I hope you’ve been taking good care of your stomach toots!! 

It’s a shame about Benny’s wife – has she had T.B.? 

I’m glad that you’re glad we’ll be here soon, and just make sure you show it. By the way do you want me to send a telegram before I sail? Or will a letter do – anyway won’t get a reply to this question before sailing so I’ll tell you what I’ll do – I’ll write you a letter that morning and you’ll get it on the Saturday – O.K.? Oh yeah I hear that you have to apply the day before for a pass onto the pier – so how about calling [.]unard to find out for sure?? That’s my boy!! 

I have so many people to say good-bye to – I don’t think I’ll make it to all of them – but I’ll try my best. The Telephone is supposed to be connected on July 3rd you might check on it for me – unless you think we should have it connected later. I hate to burden you with all this stuff dear – but everything will be closed on the 4th for the week-end. 

I went to a meeting of the Brides Mothers Club with Mom and a group of the women had just got back from a trip to the States to see their daughters and you should have heard them raving about it – I was very happy. They can’t get over how much more they are advanced in the U.S. and how hygienic everything is and how bright the homes are. They were jawing for 3 hours about it. 

Now mom is more determined than ever to save for that trip in 3 years. My aunt is definitely coming over next year – probably April - June. 

All our love, see you soon

The Girls 


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