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May 29, 1953.

Our Own Dearest Harry & Daddy – 

Just got back from Southhampton & I’ll write & let you know the results before I sit down to eat. 

The Queen Mary is scheduled to dock at new York on the 6th of July at approx. 2:15pm (She sails from Southhampton at 2:30pm!) I don’t think there will be much delay as the sea will be pretty calm – not a bad time is it – at least you won’t have to get up too early. 

It was so cute yesterday. I had Cheryl in  my arms and she said “You my Honey Baby mommie” it was so wonderful the way she said it. Time is really going fast its less than 5 weeks left now. 

Saw a neighbour across the street & she tells me Beryls mother is here from Canada – staying until September and been all over through visiting her family. 

Golly dear, I don’t know what to suggest I bring you back – I’ll look around the stores next week for suggestions. 

Alan said he wanted a penknife from here should I bring him one? You know I won’t have enough cash to bring him a birthday present too – just the souvenir. 

Dear if you’d like a jacket please let me know – don’t worry about the money – I have it set aside so how about it??

I got the pictures today – they are quite good – I’ll send you the negatives – saw the pictures my aunt took on Monday & they too are super – so I’ll have some made up for you. 

The past week Cheryl has awakened early but before I can get her to the toilet, she makes – she is really the laziest one – always tells me after she makes it! Jack and Jill want to sit for me whilst I take Mom to the pictures tonight – think I’ll let them, Rita will come too – First time in ages I’ll have been to the movies. 

Gee whiz everyone keeps offering to baby sit – this is wonderful – it should happen at home huh?? Hope you can read this but I’m rushing to finish it before tea – not too newsy just want to let you know about the time of arival so that you can decide what time you’ll get up (indeed if laying in bed all day). 

Well ducks, take good care of yourself for us – remember you’ve got 5 weeks to get good and fit for me. 

All our fondest love, hugs and kisses – we adore you. 

Ailene, Cheryl & Sandy 

The Family send regards 


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