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June 29, 1953.

My Own Dearest Har – 

Just received your letter dear, so I thought I’d try to answer it now whilst I have a little time. It looks like being a rip-snortin time – the next two days – I got up this morning with my nervous stomach again – oh! 

I’m expecting a “visitor”. We were at my aunts yesterday all of us – they invited us out for the day – a farewell affair – there were eight of us and 4 of them – don’t know how she managed – but we had a wonderful time  – I hated to leave. 

Last Saturday the tea set arrived – its beautiful too - its the tea-pot-hot water jug- sugar and creamer – The thing wasn’t in stock and he couldn’t get it for a while so mom says they’ll send it over at Xmas. 

I’ve argued until I’m blue in the face dear but they won’t listen – they even bought the kids shoes – sturdy ones with crepe soles – Cheryl looks a dream in hers. The subject of them coming over is a lengthy one – too long for a letter— but the way it stands – my aunt will be over for a vacation probably next April – this is subject to your confirmation she says. Mom and Rita probably 2-3 years – as soon as they can save enough. Jack I don’t know about – but he and Jill would love to come but right now they are busy saving to get married. 

I probably won’t write anymore after this dear – I won’t have the time – Today I have so much to do – and tomorrow –don’t ask – I don’t think I’ll send a telegram as I leave dear – I’ll be all excited – and if I ask mom to send it she’ll only pay herself –My mom may even send on after I’ve left without my knowing – but I’ll try and persuade her not to. 

When I think of starting to pack again – oh - boy!!! – Do I dread that – and there’ll be a constant stream of visitors in and out today – what a mess. 

Jack and Jill are going to take the kids on the beach for a while thought – while I get something (?) accomplished. 

Well dearest it’ll be a week today that we’ll be with each other again – like you I can hardly wait. So until then take good care of yourself for me – we love you madly – see you on the 6th with bells on – Love hugs and kisses until the 6th – 

All our love, 

Ailene – Cheryl – Sandy 


P.S. Pray for calm sea!! 

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