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June 13, 1953.

Our Own Dearest Daddy – 

Having just got the kids off to bed, I have a minute or two to myself. I took Ailene to the pictures this afternoon to see the Coronation, and it was really lovely – we enjoyed it immensely – Ailene’s eyes almost popped out when the golden coach appeared and she said “How about Daddy selling his car and buying one of those for us to ride around in so that we can wave to all the people.” 

So how about it Rockefeller? This damned pen you gave me really is a pip – Jackie had it filled for me & the blasted thing has to be pressed real hard to write – I thought after the refill it would be a lot better but no soap. 

How do you like the Coronation do-dabs on the front of this “fancy” eh? Tomorrow we have our trip around the fleet – I’m looking forward to it a great deal – golly all this freedom I’m going to miss – It’s a pleasure going someplace and not having the worry about who’s going to look after the kids. I’ve been hopelessly spoiled here – at weekends no-one lets me lift a finger – ah me! – paradise! – Hope you’ll be able to read this without an interpreter – but I’m writing this on my knees. 

I received mail from Cunard in Southampton today – we have to embark between 10 and 12pm – and what a lot of rigamarole we have to go through too – we have to clear the customs and immigration this end – have our luggage inspected and cleared before we’re allowed on board. No one is allowed on board – regulations still forbid friends and relations seeing you off on board – and we have a w hole mess of papers to take to the deck to customs. Then we have to clear the U>S. customs after we dock – what a job! I think the kids will enjoy themselves a lot better this trip – Ailene being a little more settled & Cheryl being a lot more grown up – any no darned Michele to fight with. The Town is bulging with visitors here for the review – its impossibly to walk in the main roads – just crammed full of people. 

Another plane crashed sound barrier today if this keeps up I’ll be a nervous wreck again – just when I’m back to my old self too! 

The thrill of being home soon is mounting, daily – but I hate having to say goodbye to the family again – thats the worst part – as you know!! – Well dearest, thats about it for now – take good care of yourself and write soon, please – 

All our love, hugs and kisses

Ailene, Cheryl and Sandy 


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