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June 10, 1953.

Our Own Dearest Daddy Har – 

Hi Toots – just finished ironing a pile of your daughters dresses – ye Gods they get black. Had them both along the sea front last night and Ailene was tickled pink about all the big ships anchored off shore for the Review – we walked a distance of about 2 miles & Cheryl liked the whole length – but it sill doesn’t make her sleep any better – Boy! I will be glad to get a full nights sleep!! 

Today is a really beautiful day – you should see the girls, they’ve been in the garden all day with their swim suits on and they’ve almost dug their way down to China, I bet! 

The American girl that moved into the flat next door is going to move again – we were so friendly too – we used to have coffee over the garden wall – I’ll miss her. 

Hope you can get the second player fixed before we get back – it always did stick occasionally when it changed records – remember? 

Received a letter from Lollie & Mother – Lollie tells me Alan has to have his tonsils out – it never fails when people have money – they usually wind up paying it out to doctors – aren’t you glad we don’t have any? But we still do our fair share of paying I think!! Have any boils since I’ve been away?

I can hardly wait to hear if you got your increase – bet you get $10 (what a fool I am). 

You mention about Ailene thinking she’s coming over here in a week or two – She’s telling everyone that we’re going to New York & Daddy will be there to meet us * we’re all going to get back on the boat and come over here again. The fare by cab to Southhampton is 30 shillings (approx $4.25) Cabs here are very  few and this is a private man – a lot chapter than any other cab – The whole family use his services whenever necessary. By train it’s such a mess – a cab from here to the station – a porter to take the luggage into the station – then the train and at Southampton another porter out to the cab then to the docks and another porter – time you finish it costs you a fortune in tips. 

Anyway its much more convenient for the children – they don’t have to be dragged in & out of cabs & trains. You don’t have to worry about the money dear – my family are paying!! 

How come we’re a bit short of cash? I thought you’d be able to save a little! By the way did you send $8 & 4 tickets to Encyclopedia this month? Hope so!! About my clothes I’ve don’t as you suggested only I thought of it first!! 

Well dear, take good care of yourself for us – write us soon – won’t be long now dear – so you’d better have one last fling!! 

All our love, hugs and kisses

Ailene, Cheryl and Sandy


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