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June 25, 1953.

Our Own Dearest Daddy Har – 

Ailene is all put out about the news of Marc moving – she says only sibbys live on farms and that people won’t be able to tell the difference between Marc & the chickens – but don’t repeat. 

Secondly Ailene says that she better have a rod when she gets back…or else!! I only say one thing – it’s fortunate that Raymond at least had the [unreadable]…before he sent it for a swim. 

I had quite a lot of formality to go through when I first came to the States but this time remember I’m an Alien here and all this nonsense will be doubled. What gets me is that they won’t let relatives or friends near the boat. 

Well, we’ve only another week left, and we’re try to make the most of it – we’re going to the beach this afternoon if it stays this warm – I’ve been reading about the 95 degrees in N. York – ah me! – I’m glad I’ve missed it – but its been so cold over here!! 

Before I forget don’t write me after Saturday that’s the 27th – because I’ll not be here to get them – this way if you write your last letter on the 27th I’ll get it either Tuesday or Wednesday morning before we [unreadable]… for the Southampton – OK? If there’s anything at all that you want – better talk now or hold your peace (piece) (until the 6th July)!!____ I had a letter from Irene yesterday. 

Irene says William came to their place one night “Blotto” and cried “Beer tears” for an hour – I gather from Bea’s letter that she’s still returning the 17th– she said that William is so lonely and miserable that he says next time she goes to England he’s going too!! – I wonder with what??!! – 

Bet Jenny Sterns wife must have been a size – she was quite a lump when I left – I don’t think we should offer them anything – I believe they had ordered quite a lot of stuff and anyway her mother and grandma [unreadable] – of girlfriends with kids that could provide a lot of stuff. I’d rather save it for someone who really needed it – O.K.?

Well toots, take care of yourself now – it won’t be 2 weeks – hope you’ll be able to get a couple of days off!! – 

Til then – All our love, Hugs and Kisses

Ailene, Cheryl & Sandy


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