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June 9, 1953.

Our Own Dearest Daddy Har – 

Taking a break to write to our favorite daddy – hope you are O.K. We had ourselves a lovely day yesterday – my Uncle’s (in-law) Mother lives in the heart of the country & we went to spend the day there (I used to go there quite a lot when I was a child). The kids were running down to the fields all day (about as far as our house to Mollies) and picked armloads of buttercups) and daisies naturally the day wouldn’t have been complete without Ailene falling down. And what a job she did too. You should see her arm, leg – what a mess. 

You ask if there is any inexpensive bone china for Lollie – what a joke – Canada had a better selection 3 years ago – up until recently have — all you could get was white China – but now its starting to come in colours & patterns – so far I haven’t seen any of the good bone variety she’d do better to go to Canada. 

They are minting a certain number of shilling Coronation pieces – they are quite nice. Mom Ordered Ailene and Cheryl one each. They have to be ordered through the bank (only if you have an account). They will be nice when they get bigger. Still looking around for stuff to bring back to the kids – what do you think of a pen and pencil set for Alan? Any good? How about your jacket toots? Make up your mind yet? I can’t see anything else you’d appreciate – the material is good – believe me. What do you think? Hurry now – I’ve only 3 weeks left over here – oh Boy!! wait until I get a hold of you!! 

So Swensons lost the station – what a blow – who got the blame for that? Golly Mike ought to give you a damned good Xmas present this year!!!

About R.C.A. dear – I don’t know what to say – it would be nice I guess – but I’ll leave it up to you dear!! – you always have a good judgement whatever you think is O.K. by me – you know that! Shame the old record played dropped dead too!! Seems like everything is missing my gentle touch!! Cheryl goes around asking for a “cuppa tea” all day – I just made a pot – an old girlfriend of mine dropped in – so when Cheryl finished hers she said “Dat was a bootiful cuppa tea Mommie – fank you!!” 

This girl surprised the heck out of me – used to be such a scatter of rain & now she’s one of Portsmouths 10 police women – it really made a woman out of her. What a thrilling job too – she’s used as a decoy  on a lot of jobs – then when she has enough evidence she throws her man over her shoulder & holds him till the detectives come out of hiding – wow! – what a gal. 

Hope you made out O.K. with the James deal – or are you out of a job? No, I won’t go to work – I’ll teach you to make idle threats!!

Well dear, take good care of yourself – we love you madly – write soon – 

All our love and stuff,

Ailene – Cheryl – Sandy 


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