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June 17, 1953.

Our Own Dearest Har – 

Excuse pencil please but I don’t think I could cope with that darned pen today. 

We just got back from my aunts and your letter of Saturday was awaiting us. We had a simply marvelous view of the Review Light Up, and the fireworks – we were able to see the whole thing from end to end – the whole 7 miles of ships – we even saw it better than the Queen – It was something that just thrilled me to pieces it was a wonderful sight.

It rained all day yesterday so my aunt made us stay – she wanted us to stay a week – if it hadn’t been so close to sailing time I would have – but I want my mom to get as much of the children as possible. When we walked in today she almost killed them with hugs and kisses and was so happy to see us back – she said she went almost crazy when she came home from work on Monday and Tuesday and there were no kids to greet her – she said the quiet was too much for her – now she really can imagine how you must feel she says. We had no sooner got in and had tea when who should knock the door but Beryl’s mother – she wanted to see my before I went back – she sailed in the Elizabeth on the 8th April – the ship we were supposed to sail on – wouldn’t it have been funny if we had. She said their trip was like the Purser told us – we were the only ones to hit the storm. 

Seems like they are giving you the run-around about raise doesn’t it – head away move on it? I wish you could get a job that would take us to foreign countries – there is nothing like travel – at least thats what I think!!! – 

Only 2 weeks today until sailing time – now the time will really fly – next week the whole family are going to be on vacation until the week after I go back – we’ll probably go someplace every day. You don’t sound as though you miss us as much as you did – getting used to being a bachelor again? Did Mollie get my letter? What was her reaction – did she get mad at me writing a combined letter? Did your mother finish painting her house yet? Didn’t she give you a story about her hernia and her shoulder and her eyes? If not you’ve got it to come? 

Well dear, that’s about it for today – less than 3 weeks until we’ll land – you won’t have to suffer (?) restaurant meals – then you’ll suffer mine instead –

All our love, 

The Girls 


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