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June 5, 1953.

Our Own Dearest Daddy Har – 

Hi Toots – Sorry for the delay in writing but you know how blasted awkward I am. I was doing a bit of scrubbing on Wednesday and I ran the side of my thumb smack across the head of a nail sticking up out of the floor and did I suffer! The thumb swelled up & I couldn’t even move it – I was afraid I’d have to go to the Doc – but today it feels lots better and I can put a little pressure on it so hence the letter!! 

So you didn’t make it to the circus – shame you poor little boy! Ailene is quite upset that its there and we’re here. The kids had a wonderful time at the Street Party – Ailene went for the coach ride all along the sea front & around the town & then all along the top of the hill and into the country. Then for tea & we took Cheryl around – she sat right down & started to dig in like she was starved! After they started, a photographer took pictures – I saw them today and there are two with our kids in them so I ordered a set for us & mom – she’ll appreciate them when we’ve left. After they ate they played games in the hall for 1 ½ hours & Cheryl joined in like the Hokey Cokey – that is you should have seen Cheryl do it– it was a riot!! 

Then they had races & games & lots of refreshments in the street until 9pm. They got Coronation Mugs filled with Candy as souvenirs & they went to bed absolutely tired out. 

So ended a perfect day for both of them . 

When I was out shopping last week I saw a lovely corduroy topper – you know a shortie – it was gold coloured & the wide corduroy – and I loved it, so Rita & I went in & I tried to try it on and it fitted perfectly & it was the only one they had – but I thought the price was very reasonable but didn’t think I would spare it – $13. Yesterday Rita came home with it for me – the family all chipped in and bought it as a gift for me – I’m so thrilled with it – I love it. $13 sounds cheap doesn’t it? but it’s a heck of a lot here. 4.10 is almost a weeks wages!! Jack’s wages that is!! I’ll have to bring back – its less than 4 weeks now you know all the joy of coming home is sort of marred when I think of having to say goodbye to the family – just the same as when i came over here – I hated saying goodbye but there it is dear that’s the way it is. I’m getting very anxious at the thought of being home with you again though – hope you are feel the same way. 

How’s work going these days? Used car sales pick up any? So the bank finally stopped encouraging stupid Raymond – what a joke. 

Well dearest take care of yourself for us – won’t be long before I’ll be taking care of you myself – oh boy!!

Write us soon now – all our love, 

Ailene, Cheryl & Sandy 


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