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June 20, 1953.

Our Own Dearest Daddy Har – 

I just learned that tomorrow is Fathers Day – so sorry we are not able to send you a card – I tried all over after I found out but no go – But you do know we all send our love – don’t you? 

I knew someone would be unhappy about this joint letter I sent – explicitly wrote it to them all – but I’ll write Laura one anyway. 

My aunt and uncle came down after lunch today and wanted to take Ailene out with them – so I let her go – and when they came back I got quite a shock – there she had a few packages – one was a lovely [ unreadable word] raincoat – wine colur – for school from my mom. It’s very lovely – has a detachable hood to make a coat out of the ensemble – she also had a ring from my aunt and uncle and a souvenir coronation five shilling piece from them. Cheryl has a lovely silver bracelet from them and a five shilling piece – and mom says she wants to buy her either a coat or a raincoat – but I’m not having any I’ve seen similar ones to Ailene and they are priced between 5 and 10 pounds. 

Now mom says she’s getting them shoes next week – (but not if I know it) They have spent plenty on us already. 

I’m afraid to say I like something just to see it in a shop window – and right away they want to go and buy it for me! I’ve been admiring a silver (not real) tea set and now they want to know which one it is exactly I like – so I’ve just to keep my opinions to myself in future. 

The end of our vacation  is almost to an end only 10 days left – and the kids have really settled here now – Cheryl now sleeps the whole night once again and they are throughly at home – now they are going to have to get used to home again – poor Cheryl will wonder whats going on. 

I’ve been telling her about the nice ship we’re going on!! Really boosting it up – just in case she should have unpleasant memories of the trip over  – I just hope its not too hot after we land – the sudden change from cool to hot won’t be too good. 

Its so cold here still – we have ( a fire again today and its rained almost every day this week don’t worry about not healing from “Bill” – you’re better of this way she can’t blame you for any trouble he’ll probably get into!!!_____ Glad you renew R.C.A. – I think its better – just our luck the thing would fall apart if we didn’t – well dearest, take care of yourself for us. See you soon no! 

All our love, 

Ailene, Cheryl and Sandy 


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