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June 7, 1953.

Our Own Dearest Daddy Har – 

Hi Dear, hope you are o.k. Received your letter of June 1st glad you are getting out a bit! Even the Yessers are fine. Which Leon were you trying to locate in Levittown? Not Holteman – don’t tell me he’s living there!!

Did you get the T.V. back yet? Get to see anything of the Coronation pictures? She really looked beautiful, her figure is quite streamlined now, & she looked exquisite. If it were possible for my mom to have taken a souvenir from the ship, believe me she would but every thing was firmly bolted down. 

She did get to lie on the Queens bed though – air foam mattress etc. you know – (You don’t really think that they keep to their separate rooms do you??) 

What do  you think about the British conquering Mount Everst – leave it to them ducks – that was quite a nice Coronation present for the Queen. 

Cheryl gets more darned cute everyday and she can say anything after hearing it once. I was calling Ailene and she didn’t answer, instead Cheryl came running and said “Yeh mommy?” so I said “What’s your name I was calling Ailene” so she replied “Ayene busy – me Cheryl Danice” I tried to get her to say “Silverman” after that but it only messed her up, poor kid!!

Jackie was going to take them out this morning and they were waiting impatiently for him. Cheryl already had her coat on and Ailene was waiting in the front room. I noticed some dirt on Ailene’s coat and started to dust it off. Cheryl runs into Ailene and said “C’mon honey lets go – get coat on – mommie wait – Come on Ayene – hurry!!”

Another letter has just arrived; good boy!! 

I don’t think I’ll have to wait to long at the docks before getting away – citizens get off first – they did when I came over in ‘47 – Besides my aunt has a friend & neighbor they’ve known me since I was little and the husband is on the Mauetania. He told me if he had known previously about my Coronia Trip he would have asked a friend to look out for me at dis-embarkment time & saved me waiting. Now he says he’ll talk to the Chief of Supplies (or something) on the Queen Mary and he’ll see I get off without bother & get me through customs quickly. He says just tip the guy a couple of bucks – I think it’s worth it – I’d have given me right arm for a little help on the Coronia – so we’ll see. 

Don’t make crack about the money bill – my mom won’t take anything so I buy little extras like cake etc. and the kids are always hungry and anything that’s not rationed is a hellish price – so just be thankful your daughters aren’t starving!!

Well dear, take good care of yourself – we love you madly. Write soon please.

All our love, 

Ailene, Cheryl & Sandy XXXXXXXX

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