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June 3, 1953.

Our Own Dearest Daddy Har – 

Well dear today is the big day – all the excitement & preparations of months will be all over soon – Ailene is all excited with the idea of her trip & the party coming off in a few hours. It’s so damned cold & windy again, that they have decided to have the tea in the Church Hall around the corner – its a good thing, because the weather man promised shower today! 

The children are all going to receive Coronation mugs as souvenirs – so the kids will have some reminder to bring back home with them providing they don’t get broken! 

Don’t envy Lizzie, having to sit in the Abbey for 4 hours with all that weight on her. 

Later on after, after lunch my aunt & uncle & the gang are coming down so there will be plenty of activity at “85″ when we all get together theres usually lots of action. 

I was trying to dress Cheryl before she was indignant – “I do it mommie – let Cheryl do it” and she just wouldn’t let me help her. 

Employees of the Dockyard are drawing for tickets to go around the fleet before the Royal Review – there are only 500 tickets – 20,000 employees. Jack drew 2, Rita 1, Mom 1 – But Jack’s is for Thursday 11th & Rita’s and Mom’s for Sunday 16th. so Mom is giving me her ticket so I can go with Rita. It ought to be quite a sight – hope I’ll be able to get some pictures. 

Hope you can read this – Cheryl is climbing all over me – I’ve been meaning to ask you are Jacob’s in-laws living with them? What work is he doing? Bookie??

We’ve already booked the cab to take us to Southhampton on the 1st – Ailene says I should start packing already. I shouldn’t have as much to pack going back and it won’t be as heavy – Hope they’ll let you right into the enclosure likewhen i docked before at Ne York – I almost went mad trying to get off at  Southhampton here, and they wouldn’t let anyone through, & I couldn’t even hand Cheryl over– we had to go through customs & then out!! I know you’ll do you darnedest. How about something to bring back – did you decide on anything yet? No jacket? Let me know now – times going fast!!

Well dear take good care of yourself – we love you – write soon please!! 

All our love – hugs & kisses – 

Ailene, Cheryl & Sandy 


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