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1940s Letters.

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

In the 1940s the Bikini debuted, George Orwell's "1984" was published, and World War Two raged across Europe. This is perhaps THE time period folks think of when they think of love letters so there's no surprise here that this is the most prolific section of the archive. Read on for the Smith, Epler, Ahern, Jack & Betty & Henry, "Dolores", "Florence", "Dorothy", and Woody & Betty letter stories.

Smith (1942-1945)

In the 33 Smith Letters brothers Herman and Milton Smith write their family at home in Bronx, New York during their deployment in the World War Two effort.

Photo: Rafal Kostrzewa

Epler (1942)

In 3 letters between husband Carlyle and his wife Jennie we see a marriage stretched during battle.

Brink (1943)

In the 12 Brink letters which date from 1943 we see a 'Sonny' writing to 'Mrs Albert Brink' in New Jersey.

Ahern (1943 - 1945)

In the 40 Bill Ahern Letters a solider in Europe fighting for the U.S. Forces during World War Two writes home to his family in Elizabeth, New Jersey from January 1943 to August 1945.

Jack & Betty & Henry (1939 - 1943)

In the 51 Jack & Betty & Henry Letters a young woman, Betty, from her beaus Jack and later Henry. Letters range from November 1939 to June 1943.

Rendano (1943 - 1944)

In the 133 Rendano Letters sweethearts, fellow soldiers, as well as Mom and Dad Rendano write New Jersey native Ralph Rendano as he serves in the U.S. Army during World War Two.

"Dolores" (1943- 1945)

In these 6 letters "Dolores" receives letters from penpals and girlfriends during World War Two. Obviously an incomplete collection. Letters from August 1943 to September 1945, from several writers.

"Florence" (1943 - 1945)

In the 13 "Florence" Letters a woman named Florence receives letters from the front of World War II from her cousin named Leonard except for a when Eddie, Florence's husband, writes.

In the 10 "Dorothy" Letters, "Dorothy" received letters from her beau Byron, her mother, her girlfriend and even her old boss. Dated from the Autumn of 1944.

Dickey (1944- 1945)

In the 7 Dickey letters, various authors write to Virginia Dickey between June 1944 and 1945.

Woody & Betty (1944 - 1945)

In the 12 letters "Woody" writes his sweetheart Betty from his deployment in World War II, telling her of Christmas on the Front Lines and perhaps most humanly his frustration at arranging her receipt of his military pay while deployed. Letters from January 1944 to June 1945.

Loudon (1945)

In the 4 letters and 3 postcards of the Loudon letters, we meet a pair of American sisters written by displaced persons during the postwar period of 1945.

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