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July 7, 1944.

Friday Nite

July 7, 1944

Dear Dolores,

Well I finally did receive a letter from m farmerette friend. Mother said that she has been busy so I kind of figured that was the cause for you not writing.I sure was glad to get your letter because I really look forward to them.

Well I guess we have a date then if you condescend to ride in Sluggo. Mother always laughed at me when I would have a date in Sluggo, but the way I figured if a girl wouldn’t ride in Sluggo she wouldn’t rind in any other car with me either. I always found that I could have more fun in old car than a new one. If you know Henrie Stocks you have probably seen his Ford. We used to have quite the time with our two Fords racing and carrying on. Old Sluggo was always the fastest Model A Ford around.  I sure would like to drive it again.

I am sorry that your old car refused to go. Maybe you didn’t feed it with the right kind of oats. So you put house [unreadable] in the gas well maybe you should have tried some mothballs. They say that they would make anything run. I hope you can find one that acts a little better. Do you know Giz Kaiser at the Fleetwing station? Well he generally has a few old cars sticking around somewhere. Why don’t you see him? Don’t pay any more than ⅔ of what he asks for it. He’s plenty stubborn, but he’ll give in. I used to work for him.

I really don’t know too many of the late tunes but I always have liked Star Dust – Serenade in Blue – You’ll Never Know – Star Eyes. I like nice soft slow music to dance to, but I like to listen to swing. Are you a jitterbug. Concert music is way out of my line. Mother likes it, but not me.

Your suggestions for a name on my truck are all good but are frequently used. I have named it Nightmare. What do you think?

So you had a ride in a Jeep. Well all I can say is that I wish that I could have been driving it. He sure was a lucky Marine. I wonder how some guys get such snap jobs. You say that you went around the square twice at 50 now Dolores – hm – when I lived at home 25 was top speed for going around the square. I sure would have liked to see you holding on I bet it was funny. I don’t blame him for laughing. It must have been a slow Jeep because ours will do better than that and I’m not stretching it.

Your letters really are swell Dolores. I enjoy every bit of them and hope that you will write more often. Don’t forget to send the picture soon.

So long for now,


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