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January 17, 1944.


17 Jan 44


Here it is two weeks after I received my pay, I’m finally getting around to sending the usual MO. Sorry I did not get around sooner to send it to you. So that you have it in writing – here is another installment on your fur coat. Don’t forget  – I want a picture of you wearing the coat – for my approval. Did you forget – you must have my approval!! I am glad you found one you liked and hope it keeps you warm until I return.

Also included herewith, if passed by censor, are (1) the menu of our recent Pot Roast held only by this Section – some of the boys killed the pig and some cooked the dinner. (2) Our Xmas dinner menu which was served to the entire company. (3) Xmas church  service – important because so far it is the only serviced attended by me since leaving Africa. I wanted to include some pictures, but again today I noticed the regulations – no pictures to be sent from Italy until permission is given. So, please be patient and I’ll add your name on my list of girls clamoring for a picture!!!

Around this time of the evening the song usually runs through my head – “Miss you, wish that I could kiss you” I know you’ll be asking what song is that! But I do miss you and do wish I could kiss you Dear.



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