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October 17, 1944.

North Africa

Dear Florence + Sonny, 

Have a little free time during the noon hour so I thought I’d drop you a line. Received a little mail yesterday my first in a little while. One of them was very welcomed cause it contained a picture that I’ve been waiting for quite awhile now. Pretty nice so now I can sit back and day dream.  I do a lot of that and that isn’t kidding. 

We were in town yesterday and had ourselves a nice time. Fooled around with several babes that spoke fairly good English. What a line they hand out. Had another stage show last night which I missed, btu it wasn’t to hot. 3rd one in the past two weeks which is unusual. We have a pretty good movie for tonight called Address Unknown so I will see it, probably.

I hear from Frankie yesterday. Seems he is really getting some of that old Navy life. That’s a new and big career joke that he is on so he should be having it pretty nice. In fact he did mention that it had every thing that Norfolk didn’t have. I wouldn’t mind being abroad one of those jokes for awhile. Not for to long cause it would probably get monotonous as it has here. I’ll be glad to get out of here before the cold and rain steps in. Once is enough in my way of looking at it. 

Still haven’t heard from Leonard and its been a little while now since I wrote. Have you had anything back either. I guess things are a little more difficult up there than we both imagine. I haven’t heard from Vicky either in quite a while. I’m always cautious where in what I write about so it may be that she has been transferred to some other base. She did mention that once if I remember correctly. 

Any thing new back home. Hope everything is fine at home and at work. How is Sonny making out in school. He should be rather well used to it now. Give him my regards  and wishes and also to everyone else. Best of every thing.



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