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The Definitive "Books About Letters" List.

Updated: May 7

Are you a letter lover AND a bibliophile? This is the definitive list of books which we have read and reviewed for the Flea Market Love Letters blog series 'Books About Letters'.


"Address Unknown" by Katherine Kressman Taylor

"Hope Between the Pages" by Pepper D. Basham

"Last Christmas in Paris" by Hazel Gaynor & Heather Webb

"Letters to the Lost" by Iona Grey

"The Berlin Letters" by Katherine Reay


"The London House" by Katherine Reay

"The Lost Letter" by Jillian Cantor

"The Rose Code" by Kate Quinn

"The Summer of Lost Letters" by Hannah Reynolds

"Things We Didn't Say" by Amy Lynn Green

"Return to Sender" by Julia Alvarez


"84 Charring Cross Road" by Helen Hanff

"Between Home & the Front: Civil War Letters of the Walters Family"  Edited by Lynn Heidelbaugh & Thomas J. Paone

"Letters of Note: Volume 1" Edited by Shaun Usher

Letters" by Lynne M. Kolze

"The Postcard"  by Anne Berest

"Write for Your Life" by Anna Quindlen

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