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December 19, 1944.

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

My Dearest Darling

It is Tuesday evening I guess about 830 + I sure miss you Dear Hon I got back into the hotel ok it all worked out just as we planned I got back a little after ten + then I changed clothes + went to bed till 130 then stood my watch I am doing ok I guess our Unit will leave tomorrow for New York on the evening train then just as soon as we get their we will check into the Receiving Barracks + then get our Leave Papers I will send a telegram telling you Honey just when I will be into St. Louis OK yes Dear.

A Boy took me to the show we had Early Liberty so we went to a Early Show I am at the USO you know across the street from the All Cozar Hotel where we danced Honey I was sitting in the hamberger place getting coffee + I heard them play a Christmas song on the Radio it sorta gave me ideas about how to spend Christmas Eve I would like it if you + I +maybe Sonny + just all the folks could spend it in Church Christmas Eve I don’t know if it would meet your approval just a silly idea of mine again I guess any way Dear it will be swell to be with you any place at that time I think I am pretty lucky fellow to be getting a Leave + to be able to spend it with you Dear Honey. I love you very much + I am sorta worried how your trip is I hope you don’t have a lot of trouble making connections on the train + I hope every thing is OK tell my Pal I send him a big kiss you give it to him for me will you dear I don’t know if I can wright tomorrow or not we are suppose to get all our things + bring them to the pier + take the Examinations + get our Papers all cleared + we will be put on the train in the evening so I will be over on my way also dear the quicker the better I will get back to you then sooner I will like that very much gee I sure miss you a lot this evening I can’t even get thru one night with out worrying about you gee dear I love you terribly much I never knew a guy would fall so in love with his wife any way I think it is grand don’t you? Dear I will close for now + go to the Hotel + try to get some rest I was up all night all most anyway it sure seemed that way I didn’t get some sleep last night btu I got a busy day ahead + now I will send all my love to you my Dear + I will be seeing you very soon. I will try to get their as soon as possible dear.

Lots of love to you for ever and ever darling



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