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March 2, 1943.

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Hello Dear

Another day no sun, looks like rain or snow any minute, lousy food or I shouldn’t call it food I should call it shit. It damp and cold and everything is piss-poor that it it the famous Seymour Johnson Field in North Carolina. I got a letter from you today I don’t see anything to comment on that is really important, only one thing if they bastards up here a Spartan Barracks don’t stop fucking me up I will spend the rest of the war in one phase, yesterday at 6 o’clock they woke me up and told me I had to work on P. and P. from 6. Till 11 o’clock. I told them it wasn’t my nite off but the S.B. wouldn’t listen to me, so I went and worked when it came time to go to school I got undressed and got in bed and refused to go to school. You see we have cards up here that we change from out to in when we go anywhere well they have our day off marked on them and I am off Tuesday nite in other words I don’t got to school Wednesday at 12:01. My day has been changed so many times that it is all screwed up, so if they call me out again tonite, I am going to get up and go to work again, and then go to bed at 12:00 and refuse to go to school again, then one of these bastards will get their ass chewed. I got a letter from George today and some more pictures, altogether about 10, he sent me a couple of Bill and him, a couple of the Gas Station, one of the tills store and a picture of Morris Kane standing along side of the station, when I get out I am going to get an Album to put them in, I have about 30 now counting the ones Joe sent to me, and a couple of others. In a little while I am going to go over to the orderly room and get permission to go over to the squadron, and collect 7 buck that I have lent out. Sunday was payday so I want to get it before they spend it or lost it shooting crap. I have to hurry along with the letter I won’t have time, it is now 1:15 so I think I will quit and then I might have something to write about tomorrow. Lots of love and kisses for you. Give my regards to the family.

Your Husband


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