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May 21, 1943.

Camp England

Dear Florence, 

I received your letter today and was very happy to hear from you. I am feeling fine, everything is about the same over here. 

I am sorry to hear about your being sick I am glad you are feeling better now. We are having beautiful weather over here. My father is feeling pretty bad. He almost pass away on them a couple of weeks ago. His heart is pretty bad, they don’t expect him to live very long. 

I am worried a lot now about him, I would not want anything to happen to him. 

Did you hear about my wife being in the Wave’s. She been in them for about a month now. She likes it very much. I am very proud of her for trying to get this war over. I will always love her for joining the Wave’s. 

Well I guess I will have to close now. Hoping this letter finds you all in the best of health. Tell everybody that I said hello.

Your Cousin, 


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