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February 19, 1945.


Dear Florence, I am writing a few lines to let you know that I received your beautiful letter today. That was dated Feb. 1, and I was very happy to hear from you again. 

I am very sorry for not writing to you any sooner but we are pretty busy and I couldn’t find much time to write everybody, I got around to you letter and it just came to my mind that I haven’t answered your letter. I hope you will forgive me when you don’t receive a letter for a long time from me I am very glad to hear that everybody is feeling fine at home, because it finds me about me the same. 

When you write to Eddie, tell him I am sorry I could not write to him. 

The weather isn’t so very good, is very cold. I saw VInce the other day, he is sure funny, he’s about as busy as I am, I’ll be glad when this war is over, so we cann get back home to our families. 

May God Bless You All, 

Your Cousin, 


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